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For The Birds

2018 Director: Richard Miron Words – Rhiannon Topham “These birds have taken their toll on everybody.” No, this isn’t a quote from a Hitchcockian film set, but from Richard Miron’s directorial debut, For the Birds about Kathy Murphy, a woman living in Ulster County… Continue Reading “For The Birds”

A Northern Soul

2018 Director: Sean McAllister Words – Rhiannon Topham Sean McAllister returns to his native town of Hull in his new documentary A Northern Soul, a story which is reminiscent of the hardships depicted in his previous work A Syrian Love Story. McAllister brings the… Continue Reading “A Northern Soul”

What Is Democracy?

2018 Director: Astra Taylor Words – Rhiannon Topham What is it that makes life worth living? Is it justice? Freedom? Wealth? The ability to climb the social ladder? These are the questions Astra Taylor seeks to answer in her filmatic cultural essay, What is… Continue Reading “What Is Democracy?”

Boys Who Like Girls

2018 Director: Inka Achte Words – Rhiannon Topham Mumbai teenager Ved is struggling with his exams. His father is an abusive drunk who threatens to send him off to work on a farm in rural India unless he improves his grades. But Ved loves… Continue Reading “Boys Who Like Girls”

Too Beautiful: Our Right To Fight

2018 Director: Maceo Frost Words – Rhiannon Topham Namibia Flores Rodriguez, the subject of Maceo Frost’s new film Too Beautiful – Our Right to Fight, opens the powerful and personal documentary about her vigorous struggle to lift the ban on female boxing in Cuba… Continue Reading “Too Beautiful: Our Right To Fight”

My Scientology Movie

2016 – USA/ UK Director: John Dower Words: N. Scatcherd For those who may be unaware: Scientology is one of the most bizarre and controversial movements in recent history – a ‘religion’ based primarily on the writings of science fiction author L. Ron Hubbard,… Continue Reading “My Scientology Movie”

Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World

2016 – USA Director: Werner Herzog Words: C. Abbott Christian attended a special screening of the film with a live broadcast post-film Q+A with director Werner Herzog and British director/ comedian Richard Ayoade, at The Showroom Cinema.  When tackling a Werner Herzog documentary there are… Continue Reading “Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World”

The Wolfpack

2015/ USA Director: Crystal Moselle Words: R. Topham A coming of age story like no other, The Wolfpack is a new documentary about the sheltered life of the Angulo family from the lower east side of Manhattan. A group of remarkably sharp and talented “tribe” of… Continue Reading “The Wolfpack”