Leeds International Film Festival 2019

The Leeds International Film Festival is one of the UK’s premiere platforms for new and world cinema.
Taking place every November at venues around the city, see our look at some of the films featured at the 2019 festival
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The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse

A visceral, hypnotic and hallucinatory tale.


Portrait of a Lady on Fire


From the chemistry between the all-female cast to the masterful direction and prophetic script, every element works in harmony.


Marriage Story


A story about breaking up, while trying to keep it together.


Little Monsters


A bloody, imaginative and immensely enjoyable take on the zombie film.


The Nightingale


A film that is not only haunting and powerful, but vital.


Dead Dicks


A sharp and moving feature – smart, touching and worth your time.


Extra Ordinary


Showing a different side to the things that go bump in the night.


System Crasher


A unique moral dilemma with a standout performance from its lead.


Dogs Don’t Wear Pants


An at once clinical and yet strangely tender story, Dogs Don’t Wear Pants is appropriately a film about contrasts.


Come To Daddy


A grimy, bloody, off-kilter thriller with moments of pitch black comedy.



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