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Monday High-5: The Best of Steven Spielberg

Words: J. Wood Ever since I started writing this weekly column I have kept abreast of the upcoming releases to decide upon topics and of course, when I saw that Steven Spielberg was releasing a new film I had to make his filmography a topic… Continue Reading “Monday High-5: The Best of Steven Spielberg”

The Best of Bond

Words: J. Wood Daniel Craig is advertising vodka, Naomie Harris is advertising mobile phones, and Sam Mendes is set to appear as special guest on a live episode of Kermode and Mayo while TV Talk shows at the minute are full of Craig, Harris, Lea… Continue Reading “The Best of Bond”

Friday High-5: Set Pieces Amongst The Stars

Words: J. Wood Sir Ridley Scott returns this week with The Martian.  I have already had the chance to see the film version of Andy Weir’s novel which is fantastic, somewhat making up for the last decade and a half of utter clunkers, but for… Continue Reading “Friday High-5: Set Pieces Amongst The Stars”

Friday High-5: Take Me To Hollywood!

Words: J. Wood The release of Life this week sees Anton Corbijn, whose best film is still his Joy Division/Ian Curtis biopic Control, take a look at James Dean, and his relationship with Life Magazine photographer Dennis Stock.  This got me thinking, Hollywood often takes… Continue Reading “Friday High-5: Take Me To Hollywood!”

Friday High-5: Two’s Company

Words: J. Wood Brian Helgeland’s Legend is released this week starring Tom Hardy playing both Ronnie and Reggie Kray.  Previously the similar looking Kemp brothers were used to play the East London gangsters but finally we get to see the twins played by a single… Continue Reading “Friday High-5: Two’s Company”

Friday High-5: American By Name

Words: J. Wood The Max Landis scripted American Ultra hits British cinemas on Friday and, despite having received at best lukewarm reviews in the states the presence of the ever interesting Jesse Eisenberg is at least a temptation to go and see it.  It has… Continue Reading “Friday High-5: American By Name”

Friday High-5: High School Movies

To coincide with the release of Paper Towns, the Nat Wolff and Cara Delevigne starring adaptation of John Green’s coming of age novel, I take a look at the very best High School set movies.  Although in fairness Paper Towns never really lives up… Continue Reading “Friday High-5: High School Movies”