Celluloid Saturday at Widescreen Weekend 2017

Widescreen Weekend – Celluloid Saturday
Saturday October 14th, 2017
National Media Museum, Bradford

The annual Widescreen Weekend festival reaches its 21st birthday this year – for 21 years the festival has expanded and evolved, shifted and reformed, however its focus has always stayed the same; to celebrate the past, present and future of widescreen film and cinema technology.

At the festival we showcase the best in cinema experiences by presenting a variety of formats – glorious 70mm screenings, new 4k restorations, 35mm archive prints and original 3 strip Cinerama (with our Pictureville cinema being 1 of only 3 venues in the world that can show this format).
Sharing our passion with our audiences is what the festival is all about and we always hope to remind people why going to the movies is so magical.

However recently, we’ve taken on a new challenge.
The sourcing and projecting of celluloid films has become increasingly difficult, and therefore it has become more important to champion celluloid film and allow screenings to become more accessible.
Thankfully, we are not alone in this, and directors such as Christopher Nolan (who shot his latest film Dunkirk on a mix of 65mm and IMAX cameras) and Quentin Tarantino (whose film The Hateful Eight was the widest release in 70mm film since the 90’s) are presenting film exhibiters with new content and slowly reviving celluloid film.

Our contribution? May we present Celluloid Saturday.
This year, as part of Widescreen Weekend’s 2017 programme we are dedicating our Saturday screenings and events to celluloid and guaranteeing that all films are presented on photochemical film.
We have also collaborated with freelance programmers and film societies who share our passion for championing celluloid film. Rebecca Nicole Williams (aka The Celluloid Sorceress) presents a 30th Anniversary screening of The Untouchables on 70mm, and Cigarette Burns Cinema (London’s leading independent programmer, catering to fans of leftfield and classic horror) brings us Suspiria on 35mm.

So step into the revival of celluloid, and indulge in a day of fantastic, photochemical screenings –


Celluloid Saturday Day Pass (£35/£30 conc.) on sale now