Celluloid Screams 2017

Celluloid Screams Horror Film Festival is an annual event taking place in Sheffield that celebrates new and classic horror films from around the world.

We attended this year’s festival and caught some of what was on offer – click on the film title to see our review.


The Endless

Two brothers who escaped a cult as teenagers return after receiving a mysterious message, discovering that the group’s beliefs may be more true than they once thought.

written by Manon Peyralade



After being fired from his job, Derek is trapped in his quarantined office building after an airborne virus breaks out – now he must fight to the top of the career ladder, and also for his life.

written by Manon Peyralade


Tragedy Girls

A subversive and darkly comedic modern take on the slasher horror film.

written by Manon Peyralade



A revenge thriller that takes on relevant issues around sexual assault.

written by Carly Stevenson


More info about Celluloid Screams can be found here –







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