Must See Movies: May

We here at Reel Steel care about cinema, and as a result we care that you, our readership are going to see the very best that cinema has to offer.

Everybody Wants Some
released May 13th, 2016

Richard Linklater returns from the astonishing success of his magnum opus, Boyhood, with a film he is billing as a ‘spiritual sequel’ to his early hit Dazed & Confused.
Any film the director sets his name to is worthy of attention, so his return to the nostalgia set coming of age tale of Dazed & Confused is an exciting one – with this comedy about college life in the 1980s.
This does seem to be a somewhat less prestigious Linklater project on the back of the award winning Boyhood, yet he has always had an innate talent to make even his more commercial works well-renowned, whilst his talent at casting unknowns and getting it spot on is second to none.

Green Room
released May 13th, 2016

Jeremy Saulnier made the stark, violent and profound Blue Ruin in 2014, and returns here in which a punk rock band see an act of violence not meant for their eyes in a backwater venue, and are terrorised by a violent neo-Nazi gang, lead by Patrick Stewart.
With a strong cast including Imogen Poots, Anton Yelchin and Alia Shawkat, and if Blue Ruin is anything to go by, Saulnier is a film-maker to watch very keenly.
This film means business.

X-Men: Apocalypse
released May 18th, 2016

10 years have passed since the events in X-Men: Days of Future Past, and the world faces its greatest threat when Apocalypse (Oscar Isaac), the world’s very first mutant, reawakens after thousands of years and sets out to create a new world order.
As it falls to our mutant heroes to stop Apocalypse and save the world from destruction, this looks to be the biggest X-Men film yet, and possibly set to take the top spot of Marvel superhero blockbusters.